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Premiered on Tuesday, Nov 11, 10:00am ET

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Get munged


[Guest vocals: Frank Mullen from Suffocation]
Butchers of the final frontier

[verse 1]
Mung party, mung party, love to eat
Moist, rotten, chunks of meat.
Those mouth-watering, sweltering lumps
Humid crotch, dripping rump.
Open lips, chapped and scarred
Nuggets of flesh, chewy and hard.
Vaginal discharge of pulpy masses,
Inhale rancid, rectal gases.

[verse 2]
Finger the cavity, gargle the mung,
lick the yeast and fungus with tongue.
Soggy steak skinned to the bone,
You'd fuck the carcass if you were alone.
Jump on her torso, loins explode,
Releasing a delicious and meaty load.
You jump, I'll eat.
Mung party, sticky and sweet.

[Frank's vocals] Why can't I (x4)

[guest guitar solo from Guy Marchais of Suffocation]

[Repeat verse 1]

[Frank and Violator] Fetus pops out! Squirms in my face!


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